Invitation of Bids

Invitation for Bids

  • WMA-OAB-440W: IFB 1-2020 Landscape works and Maintenance at MJTP Notice
  • WMA-OAB-439S: IFB 30-19 Request for Proposal for Provision of Energy Audit at WMA sites Notice
  • WMA-OAB-439S: IFB 30-19 Request for Proposal for Provision of Energy Audit at WMA sites Notice
  • WMA-OAB-WW432W: IFB 23-19 Sewer Extension Works at Phoenix, Quatre Bornes & Port Louis Notice
  • WMA-OAB-438W: IFB 29-19 Civil Works at MJTP and FVPS and Pte aux Sables PS Notice
  • WMA-OAB-437W: IFB 28-19 Supply Ins Test and Com of Optical Fibre Backbone Networking at SMTP Notice
  • WW 334W: Sewerage Project at Camp Rouillard, Eau Coulee Notice
  • WMA-OAB-431G Procurement of DCab 4×4 vehicles Notice
  • WMA-OAB-435W: IFB 26-19 Sup Inst Test of Half Clarifier Bridge at Flacq TP Notice
  • WMA-OAB-429G Procurement of Crew Cab Lorries Notice
  • WMA-OAB-428G Procurement of Jetting Units 6000L and 1000L Notice
  • WMA-OAB-434S: IFB 25-19 Procurement of Security Services at WMA Sub Offices and outstations Notice
  • WMA-OAB-420W: IFB 11-19 Landscape and Maintenance works at MJTP Notice
  • WMA-OAB-WW419W: IFB 10-19 Rehabilitation of Sewerage Infrastructure at Thomy D’Arifat Street, Curepipe Notice
  • WMA-OAB-430G: IFB 21-19 Procurement for Supply and Commissioning of Sewer Camera Notice
  • WW 424W: IFB: WMA/15/19 Upgrading of Sewer Line along J. Nehru Street, Phoenix-Phase II Notice
  • WW 389W:IFB: WMA/11/18 Sewerage Project at Valentina, Phoenix Notice

Note: You may also consult the notice of awards on the Public Procurement Portal

  • WMA-OAB-422G:IFB 13-19 Procurement of Truck Mounted Cesspool Emptier Notice
  • WMA-OAB-418G:IFB 09-19 Procurement of Raincoats and Rubber Gloves Notice
  • WMA-OAB-417G:IFB 08-19 Supply of Safety Shoes and Boots Notice
  • WMA-OAB-413G:IFB 04-19 Supply of Towel bath Notice
  • WMA-OAB-412G:IFB 03-19 Supply of Hygiene Products Notice
  • WMA/OAB/416S:IFB 07-19 Procurement of Repairs and Maintenance for WMA Fleet of Vehicles Contract Notice
  • WMA-OAB-414S:IFB 05-19 Renting of Office Space for WMA Sub-Office Notice
  • WMA-OAB-411G :IFB 02-19 Procurement of Pump Parts for Illois and Terre Rouge PS Notice

You may also consult the Public Procurement Website.