Invitation of Bids

Invitation of Bids

  • WMA-OAB-WW388G: IFB 10-18 Supply and Commissioning of Computers and Convertible Laptops/Tablets Notice
  • WMA-OAB-335W: IFB 17-16 Sewerage Project at Residence Sadally Vacoas Notice


  • WMA-OAB-383S: IFB 5-18 Technical Assistance for MJTP Notice
  • WMA/OAB/WW/331W: IFB WMA/3/18 Rehabilitation/Provision of Sewage Infrastructure at Residence Malherbes B, Curepipe – CHA PHASE IV Notice
  • WMA-OAB-378W: IFB WMA 32 -17 Sup Inst Test Com of Generator Set at Barkly PS Notice
  • WMA-OAB-379S: IFB 33 -17 Provision of Intruder Alarm for WMA PS – 2018 Notice
  • WMA-OAB-377W: IFB 31-17 Supply of Wastewater Pumps at grand Baie Pumping Station Notice
  • WMA-OAB-376G: IFB 30-17 Procurement of Two Truck Mounted Jetting Units Notice
  • WMA-OAB- 370C: Expression of Interest for odour control Notice
  • WMA/OAB/372C: IFB 26/17 Refurbishment of Curepipe Sub Office Notice
  • WMA-OAB-371S: IFB 25 -17 Prov of Intruder Alarm for PS Notice
  • WMA-OAB-WW358W: Supply,Installation,Testing and Commissioning of Sub Wastewater Mixers at Borstal PS Notice

You may also consult the Public Procurement Website.