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The Wastewater Management Authority (WMA) has been established as a corporate body under the Wastewater Management Authority Act 2000 to be responsible for all matters relating to the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater throughout Mauritius. It operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities.

Our Profile

Being the country‘s only organisation for all aspects of collection, treatment, and disposal of wastewater services, the Wastewater Management Authority…

WMA Board

The WMA Board was set up through the WMA Act 2000 and comprises of 9 members, including a Chairperson, representatives from different Ministries and three members appointed by the Minister…

Management Team

The Management team constitutes of 5 members, which is headed by an Officer In Charge…


The evolution in the wastewater sector started when the present Plaine Wilhems system was constructed in the 1960’s. Major improvements were also brought to the Port Louis sewerage system…

Core Business


In line with the stated mission of the Government to connect 50% of the population by 2030, the WMA is committed to meet….


WMA is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the public sewer network. The Authority has under its control 10 treatment plants….


Ensures smooth operations of the wastewater infrastructure…


Ensures that all wastewaters from infrastructural and industrial developments…

Our Engagement Towards Our Stakeholders

In our effort to better inform our stakeholders, four videos have been produced to provide an overview of the main stages for treatment of wastewater, proper usage of the wastewater system, stages for the execution of wastewater projects and the various services offered by the Authority.

Our Services

WMA’s main services include processing applications for new House Connections, Building Clearances, Notary Clearances, Licences for Wastewater Carriers, Industrial Effluent Discharge Permits and Wastewater Clearances with regards to applications for Morcellement Permits. The WMA offers a number of services to its Domestic and Non-Domestic Customers as well as Operators in the Wastewater Sector.

House Connection involves connecting public, private, religious, commercial and industrial premises within the existing wastewater network following a survey carried out to determine feasibility of the connection.

WMA is responsible for the maintenance of the Public Sewer Network. The Authority has also under its control 10 Treatment Plants and 72 Pumping Stations.

The Authority issues a Building Clearance via local authorities to an applicant prior to the construction of residential/commercial buildings, ascertaining whether premises can be connected to the public sewerage system or should have recourse to onsite disposal.

A customer is issued with a Notary Clearance on acquisition or sale of a property when not indebted to the WMA in respect of wastewater charges.

An IDP is issued to industries for disposal of effluent in the public sewer system in compliance with the Wastewater Regulations 2019.

The Authority is represented at the level of the Morcellement Board for the processing of applications for morcellement permits.

The private wastewater carriers are licensed by the WMA in compliance with Regulation 6(1) of the Waste Water Regulations 2006 (Registration of Waste Water Carriers and Disposal of Waste Water.

The Authority is a member of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) / Preliminary Environmental Report (PER) Committee at the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development, Disaster and Beach Management, and conveys its views on EIA/PER.

Hotels and private entities with dedicated wastewater treatment plants are monitored by the WMA to ensure that the treated effluents used for irrigation purposes meet the required environmental norms set under the Environment Protection Act 2002 (EPA).

News & Events

Excavation works at Valentina Road.

Excavation works started on 13 January 2020 along Valentina Road. The project targets connection of 75 premises to the public sewer network.

Facts & Figures



About 755 km of sewer lines over 200 mm diameter are in operation. This figure will increase with the forthcoming wastewater projects.


Registered Customers

As at December 2019 WMA has 89,220 registered customers.



132 000 m3 of wastewater being treated on a daily basis at our wastewater Treatment Plants.



About 65,000 KwH units of electricity is generated per month at our St Martin TP, which is used solely on site.

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