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The WMA, established in 2000, operates as an autonomous organisation under the aegis of the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities. The core service of the WMA is the collection and treatment of domestic, commercial and industrial wastewaters for disposal to an environmentally acceptable quality.

Being responsible for the wastewater sector in Mauritius, WMA manages the public wastewater system, which consists of 755 km of sewer network, 73 pumping stations and 10 treatment plants, including 4 main treatment plants which are located at St Martin, Grand-Baie, Baie-du-Tombeau, and Montagne Jacquot.

The WMA thus plays a vital role in the protection of the environment and in ensuring the country’s sustainable development through the provision of appropriate water pollution standards, wastewater control systems and management services to the entire population of Mauritius.

The Authority generates revenue from domestic and non-domestic tariffs, as well as income from other wastewater services.

The country’s only organisation responsible for the wastewater sector in Mauritius.