Other Fees

Other Fees

Fees payable for other wastewater services are as follows:



1. Verification of design of sewers, treatment 800 per application
2. Clearing waste water blockage within industrial, commerical and public premises in sewered areas, where the blockage occurs within a distance of –
(a) less than 5 kilometres 1000 per application
(b) 5 to 10 kilometres 1500 per application
(c) 10 to 25 kilometres 2000 per application
(d) more than 25 kilometres 2500 per application
3. Disposing waste water at waste water disposal station 25 per cubic metre
4. Clearance for building permit NA per application
5. Attendance to meeting and site visit convened by private developers 1000 per visit
6. Witnessing of percolation test 700 per test
7. Waste water clearance with respect to applications for morcellement permits –
(a) first 5 lots 200 per lot
(b) next 6 to 10 lots 300 per lot
(c) next 11 to 20 lots 500 per lot
(d) next 21 and above 800 per lot
* To read per application in practice