Mechanical & Electrical

The Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Unit is responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of all electro-mechanical equipment installed and ensures proper reliability and maintainability of the wastewater infrastructure. The Mechanical and Electrical Section manages and operates 10 wastewater treatment plants and 69 pumping stations.

St Martin Wastewater Treatment Plant

Petit Camp Phoenix PS
Malherbes 1 PS
Malherbes 2 PS
Cyber village PS
Cyber city PS 1
Cyber city PS 2
Barkly PS
La Brasserie PS
L’oyseau PS
UBP (Mesnil) PS
Les Casernes PS
Rosano PS
Ebene Bega PS B
Ebene Bega PS D
Reduit PS
Trianon PS
New Bambous PS

Baie Du Tombeau Wastewater Plant

Baie du Tombeau BT 1 PS
Baie du Tombeau BT 2 PS
Baie du Tombeau BT 3 PS
Baie du Tombeau BT 4 PS
Baie du Tombeau BT 5 PS
Roche Bois Large PS
Mer Rouge PS
Fanfaron PS
La Vallee PS

Montagne Jacquot Wastewater Treatment Plant

Caudan PS
La confiance PS
Borstal PS
PTE Aux Sable (Illois) PS
SLDC La Tour Koenig PS
CNT La Tour Koenig PS
Chebel PS
Fort Victoria Large PS
Pte aux Sables Large PS
Tranquebar PS
Pailles L’ecole PS

Grand Baie Wastewater Treatment Plant

Sottise Roundabout PS-PS 1
Vingt Pied RD PS – PS 2
La Salette RD PS – PS 20
Camp L’Amour PS –PS 24
Morc Boucan PS – PS 201
Balissage Dispensary PS – PS 241
Camp Carol PS – PS 21
Mon Choisy Reservoir PS – PS 10
La Cuvette PS – PS 22
Morc. Raffray PS – PS 11
Pte Aux Cannoniers PS – PS 111
Camp Carol PS – LS 211
PS 101 A
MS 1
MS 3
MS 4
MS 5
MS 6
MS 25

Small Wastewater Treatment plant and on site Systems

Bois Marchand TP
Terre Rouge PS
Riviere du Rempart TP
LS Riviere du Rempart
Boolakee Housing Estate PS
Flacq TP
Flacq Hibiscus PS
Dubreuil TP
Dubreuil PS
Pailles TP
Pailles Junction PS
Vuillemin TP
Poste de Flacq PS
NHDC Cap Malheureux PS
Anse Jonchee PS
Cite 50 PS