What are the services offered by the WMA?

  • Connecting premises within sewered areas
  • Issuing and renewing industrial discharge permits
  • Issuing permits to operate wastewater carriers
  • Issuing notary clearances for sale of property
  • Issuing clearances for Building and Land Use Permits
  • Disposal of expired liquid products – ensuring compliance of same under the Fourth Schedule of Regulations 2004
  • Undertaking testing of samples of water and wastewater
  • Attending to blockages related to public sewer.

Is an application for house connection payable?

This service is free of charge for a first application, subject to a ceiling which has been approved by the Government.

Where should I apply for a building clearance?

Contact your respective local Authority to apply for building clearances.

How are wastewater charges calculated?

Wastewater charges are calculated on the volume of water consumed.

Does house sewer connection means connecting only the toilet outlet(s) found in my building?

All wastewater outlets, that is, toilet, bathroom, kitchen and laundry discharges are connected to the wastewater system.

Should rain water from roofs and yards be connected to the sewer system?

Rain waters from the roof and yard should not be connected to the wastewater treatment system.  These waters should be discharged separately in a soakaway.

What effects will oils and greases have on the wastewater system?

Excess amount of food, grease or oils will overload and damage the wastewater treatment system, which may eventually lead to blockages.

Will bleach or disinfectants harm the domestic wastewater treatment system?

Normal amounts of household bleach, disinfectants and detergents will not harm the domestic wastewater treatment system.  However, excessive amounts of bleach will temporarily reduce the treatment capacity, as the microorganisms needed to treat the biological waste will be killed off.

I am not being billed for wastewater charges but my building is connected to the public sewer. What should I do?

The Customer Care of the WMA should be contacted, without delay on 206-3000 or at the following address: The Celicourt, Sir Celicourt Antelme Street, Port Louis.