WMA is committed to expand the sewer network across the island and construct new wastewater infrastructure in line with the vision of Government.

CHA Phase IV – Rehabilitation Infrastructure at Residence Malherbes B, Curepipe

CHA Phase IV– Rehabilitation Infrastructure at Residence Palmerstone, Phoenix

Sewerage Project at Residence Sadally, Vacoas

Highlands Sewerage Project

Sewer Rehabilitation Works at Raoul Rivet Street Port Louis

• Detailed Design, Preparation of Bidding Documents and Supervision of Works- Lot 1- Bain Des Dames, Cassis & Lot 2- Caro Lalo, Vallee Des Pretes (Consultancy Services)

Camp Cavale and Robinson Sewerage Project

Vallée Des Prêtes and Tranquebar Sewerage Project

West Coast Sewerage Project (Consultancy Services) (Artelia, France)

Pointe aux Sables Sewerage Project

CHA Phase IV – Rehabilitation Infrastructure at Residence La Cure, Port Louis

CHA Phase IV – Rehabilitation Infrastructure at Residence Paul et Virginie, Port Louis

Pailles Guibies Sewerage Project Phase 1

Plaines Wilhems Sewerage Project – Lot 1A

Kensington Place Sewerage Project

Camp Rouillard Sewerage Project

Cite Atlee Sewerage Project

Sewerage Project at Morcellement Goolamally

Nehru Sewerage Project Phase 2

Valentina Sewerage Project

Nehru Sewerage Project Phase 1

Pailles Guibies Sewerage Project Phase 2

Grand Baie Phase 1B

Urgent Upgrading of Sewer Network along Avenue Pere Laval, Ste Croix (From its Junction with Avenue des Roses to its Junction With Avenue Latanier)

Design and Construction of House Connections in the Sewered Areas of Mauritius (Framework Agreement)

Sewerage Project at Curepipe, Wooton & Abbe de la Caille-Phase 1

Wastewater Rehabilitation Works at Dubreuil

Wastewater Project for Connection at Flats Guillard, Pointe aux Sables

Procurement of Transaction Advisory Services for the BOT Project for new Roche Bois Pumping Station and new Baie du Tombeau WWTP

Consultancy Services for the Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design for Port Mathurin, Rodrigues Sewerage Project

Wastewater Project at Route Bassin, Quatre-Bornes-Phase 1

Wastewater Project at Cite La Ferme, Bambous

Wastewater Project at La Source, La Source – Quatre-Bornes, R.Ollier – Belle-Rose & Candos

Sewerage Project at Residence Vallée des Prêtres and part of Bernardin de St Pierre Road

Wastewater Project at Morcellement Goolamally & Environs Phase 2-Terre Rouge

Sewerage Project at Pointe Aux Sables- Consultancy Services for Detailed Design and Preparation of Bidding Documents

Sewerage Diversion Works along Avenue Sivananda (opposite Vacoas Market)


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