Pailles Guibies Sewerage Project Phase 1


The project covers regions of Bonnefin Road, Michael Leal, Guibies, Morcellement Anse Courtois (Morcellement Bangladesh), Morcellement Raffray, Morcellement Fon Sing, Morcellement Le Roc, Domaine St Louis, Cite Mon Plaisir, Pailles Road, Camp Chapelon, Cite Jonction, Roshan Road, Cite St Louis, Pont St Louis, Cite La Butte, Cite Pailles Junction, Cite Mauvillac, Grand River North West, Canal Dayot.

Length of Sewer:

  • (Phase I) 4 Km Trunk Sewer with the Construction of 1 Pumping Station
  • (Phase II) 4 Km Trunk Sewer and 44 Km reticulation sewers

No of House Connections:



(Phase I): Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA)/ OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID)