House Connection

House Connection

House Connection involves connecting public, private, religious, commercial and industrial premises within the existing wastewater network following a survey carried out to determine feasibility of the connection.

Details on House Connection Duration:

When an application is received at the WMA, the project feasibility and design are already taken into consideration in the time taken for obtaining a sewer connection, that is, 30 days, under normal circumstances. It is to be noted that applications are processed on a first come first serve basis.

In the event an applicant (domestic and also non-domestic, including, private businesses, industries and commercial customers) decides to carry out a sewer connection on its own, the project feasibility and design will have to be approved by the WMA prior to the applicant carrying out the connection. This process might take 15 days.

Documents needed for New House Connection:

  • Applicant ID card
  • CWA Invoice
  • Title Deed
  • Site/ Location Plan
  • Building Permit (optional)
  • Agreement Papers (if any)

For statistics on house connections, please click here.

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