Private Wastewater Carriers

Private Wastewater Carriers

    Private wastewater carriers* are licensed by the WMA in compliance with Regulation 6(1) of the Waste Water Regulations 2006 (Registration of Waste Water Carriers and Disposal of Waste Water).

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    Documents needed for the application of a private carrier license are:

    • Applicant ID Card
    • Horse Power Certificate of the relevant vehicle
    • Registration Book
    • Vehicle Fitness Certificate
    • Public Carrier (A) or (B) License

    Note: Renewal of permit should be requested 15 days prior to expiry.

    *Please contact the WMA Customer Care on 206-3000 for a list of private wastewater carriers.

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Regulation 5 (2) (a) of the Waste Water (Registration of Waste Water Carriers and Disposal of Waste Water) Regulations 2006

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I (Name of Owner) Address hereby apply for registration/ renewal of my permit (Permit No ) to operate a wastewater carrier, particulars of which are as follows:-

(i) Make/Model of vehicle:

(ii) Registration number:

(iii) Age / Condition / Colour of Carrier: yrs / Condition / Colour of carrier / Yellow

(iv) Tank capacity:

This is myfirstsecondthirdapplication and I already hold the following permit:-

Permit Number:

Vehicle Registration Number:

I have/have not* been convicted of an offence under the Environment Protection Act or any regulations made under that Act. (In case any conviction; attach copy of relevant document related to the offence).

I herewith submit copy of the following documents:-
(i) Registration book (Horse power certificate) of the vehicle;
(ii) Fitness test certificate;
(iii) Public/Private carrier licence.
(iv) Oversize permit. (if applicable)
(v) Identity Card of applicant and Trading licence. (if applicable)

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I certify that the above particulars are correct to the best of knowledge and I undertake to forthwith notify the Authority of any changes to the above particulars.

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Note: Renewal of permit 28 days prior to expiry

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